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Root Certificate


Kepler is Root

Recently I created my own "Root-Certificate". Roughly I signed a certificate by myself and trusted other certificates against it. Sounded more exciting than it was, didn't it?

Why such an effort? Why no real oder self-signed one?

  1. I have other subdomains so that I would need a multi-domain or wildcard-certificate. At this time I can't afford it.
  2. It was a nice exercise. I learned a bit about certification and SSL.
  3. It looks more beautifull. Since the certificate is installed there is no need for a security exception.
  4. Maybe my friends need a certificate where distrtibuting it isn't hard.

Do I need it?

Of course, it is a Must-Have. Install it in every Browser you get your hands on. As soon as my certificate reaches half of the world all major browser have to accept me. The world will be mine.

Now back to reality and away from megalomania. At first the certificate is only useful if you visit a site that is trusted against my root. At this time it is only and its subdomains. For all users of my Git and possible a later mail server this certificate could be convenient. Furthermore for all people with an account on Kepler International the installation is useful. On occasion I will switch the backend to SSL.

So, where do I find this root thingy?

Here! Here! Here! Click me!!! I am a link. You find also a link in the footer of the site.

On this site you will find an overview how-to install a certificate. At this time it is without pictures. I hope this is no problem but if, I don't give a fork.