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Kepler International



This is my site. My precious. It is built with Drupal, for me the number one CMS for a scalable Website.


This site is mostly for shenanigans. This is my test area for drupal and web develoment and possibly a place for feedback from you. For me it is easier to show my results here because nowadays almost everyone has access to the internet and a browser.


Besides its experimental charakter this side will serve as information site. You will find all my projects and their results here. If it is convenient I will write matching Tutorials and How-Tos. As soon as I would like I start to write Reviews to some topics. The Blog will have a special state. Depending on my mood I will publish entries to topics I find intertesting.


I will do my very best on testing and explaining all the tutorials. Although I can't ensure that there aren't any little mistakes. So use them on your own risk. I suggest using them as guideline or reference. I don't think that I will write about crittical things that could cause severe damage but I don't know. If you notice a mistake and have some time please notify me about it. I try to correct it as fast as possible.