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Mobile Layout


Finaly Mobile

I succeeded to switch my website to a mobile layout. At first this should have happened roughly half a year ago but my IHK exams prevented it. After another semester I had enough spare time in my holidays and now it should happen. Google noticed me last spring that my website was badly optimized for mobile devices. Because I care about the ranking by google and I did not like the old layout anymore the refresh of my website commenced. Of course the bitching of Google was not the only thing because I had planned a mobile layout for a long time.



The Emimafia

In my first semester we had to build a website as group project. With this we should proof our skills in teamwork and different web techniques. For this we should create a website with a city guide for Dresden. We were free to choose a specific topic or just pick some random points. At least there should be choosen 5 points wich should be displayed in text, picture, audio and video. I am proud of the final result.

I present you: The Emimafia Cityguide Dresden.