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Submitted by BOfH on 7. September 2014 - 13:14

Strange Things

My site is now up since 2 weeks. (I know that I haven't written anything and I am realy sorry) So I looked trough my protocols of the site. While that I noticed something disturbing.

On 1st September only a few minutes before 7pm I got nearly 2 sites of access-denied and site-not-found- notifications. Within 2 Minutes someone tried urls like /wp-login.php, /joomla/admin.php and pagina/administrator/index.php on my site. Okay, maybe it sounds not that shocking. Possibly someone tried to test my site for bad configuration. Far so well but I was curious. This "attack" looked highly systematically. Noone can tell me that he can create 73 views in under 2 minutes without the help of a script. So I looked at the notifications and searched for the ip with iplocation. To my great surprise I got a hit that pointed towards the Microsoft Corporation. Why the fuck tries someone from there to access my site vias those urls? This would be very interesting for me.

Apart from this incident all other accesserrors look "safe". Nothing to worry about. I'm glad that not more happens.


A few days after the Launch I enabled the drupalown module for statistics. I wanted to know how it works and what it is capable of. I can view the most-viewed site, the most important referrer and the frequent visitors.

It is interesting that the rss-feed is the most accessed thing on my site. I highly assume that someone included the feed to his reader so that is the source of this high number.

For the frequent visitors my admin account got to the poleposition. This is most likely caused by every click I do on this site. Way more interesting is number 2. The ip-adress belongs to RH Tec GmbH. To this point I have no clue why I am accessed this often from there. They even manged to get before the microsoft-spam-ip and my own. After looking on their website I still don't really know what this company is doing and why my site is accessed so often. I have trouble in findeing through their website. It is very cluttered and has no visible structure.

The next positions are different ips of the Google and the Bing Bot. I have searched my site with different queries and at least Bing/Yahoo list me higher. On Google the request has to be very specific. At least my site gets crawled. So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.


The list of my top referrer is small. Facebook and Bing wherin Bing possibly only are my own search queries.

Okay. What to expect from a site hardly filled with content and only 2 weeks old.