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It lives

Submitted by BOfH on 22. August 2014 - 23:58

Yes - It lives.

I finnaly managed to set up my own Website. See the result.


Of course there are some places that need improvements especially i18n. But the actual state is satisfying for me.


Since Monday (18 August 14) I nearly worked every day on the website. It was a frustrating Process. The basics of this site existed a bit longer but content types, views and all those major things were missing. After I configured the sh*t out of the site the first two days I thought I had finished with Configuration on Wednesday. So I started to work on Content Type, Views and Taxonomies. Then I realized that I was not even close to finish. I nearly wasted the complete Thursday with searching for a good √°pproach on how to translate views. Today (Friday) I applied last fixes.

Internationalization (i18n)

By this time I gave up and am hoping on a later Inspiration. Possibly I could ask at work. My boss had worked for Cocomore. He could know something like that. Every Google Query took me to the one module. But this module is vor Drupal 7.x only available in a dev Version. So that's a nope. Furthermore there is a module in dependency that is interfering with the translation of the taxonomy. Yeah, I love it. </irony>

Diversity of Modules

Slowly my directory where my modules are installed starts to look like a dump. Activated module, tested, deinstalled, running cron. I don't know how many time I took these steps last week. Possibly I reduced the life span of my f5-key significantly.

Side Notice

Reloading. Favicons need much time to vanish from a browsers cache.


To the theme. I don't claim that my styling is phenomenal. While I was styling the site I noticed some similarity to the Editor-Theme "Blackboard" of the Aptana IDE. If you are wondering why there are so cryptic links in my menu. I didn't want to let the themeing end on HTML and CSS.

What happens now

I will bring some content to this page the next time. Mostly Projects and tutorials because there usually exists a Github Repo or a private Wiki-Entry for them. I will also try to provide translations as fast as possible. Let's see how this will work.


Mein Dank geht an:

  • Justus (Help on uncountable places)
  • Anne (brain storming help)
  • Christian (His proposal made it to the menu)


First. :-)