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This article does not make sense

Submitted by BOfH on 13. September 2015 - 13:45

Well. I promised to translate everything. So I will do it but I have to inform you that this article is mainly for my german audience.

It is about one special german phrase that translate into "smthg makes sense".

Difference between English and German

In German to make something means that something gets produced. Since sense can not be produced but rather is the result of a logic equation. So in German something results in sense and does not make sense. I know it is quite confusing for non german speaker.

So what?

The Duden what is the german rule set for good spelling allows both versions. But why is that a problem? Well the Duden allows something obviously wrong. It is like the german version of their, there and they're. These things should be obvious for a native speaker but seem to be a tough task.

I mutated in some kind of grammar nazi correcting people who mispelled it. I just realised that this is not okay. But it bothers me a lot but only since a couple of months. It was brought to my attention by Matze and Nelson. So blame them.

I decided to stop doing so. I will not correct anyone anymore. I think it bothers me more than them. So if I expose my pain about this wrong phrase they tend to use it even more.

Does this affect me

Since it is only a german thing only if you speak German. Otherwise this is just some trivia about my mother tongue. That's enough for the translation